It’s 12 Days Until THE HOLLOW GIRL,
the Final Moe Prager Novel!


Montague Street, Brooklyn, New York Postcard

Montague Street, Brooklyn, New York Postcard


Wednesdays were my days to open the new shop. Located on Montague Street, Bordeaux in Brooklyn had a bit of a different feel than City on the Vine. Some of that was because Brooklyn, no matter how you dressed her up, would never be Manhattan. She would always be the poor relation in last year’s dress; pretty enough, but a half step behind.”

–Moe Prager, from The James Deans


In celebration of the release on May 18 of The Hollow Girl, the ninth and final Moe Prager novel, we are revisiting some of the words of wisdom and wit from ex-NYPD cop, wine merchant, and sometime private investigator, Moe Prager. Today’s quote is from The James Deans, the third book in the series.






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