It’s 24 Days Until THE HOLLOW GIRL,
the Final Moe Prager Novel!


Detail of Reed's high school year book

Detail of Reed’s high school year book


Quite a prodigious amount of dust had settled on my copy of the 1966 Abraham Lincoln High School edition of Landmark. That was the name of our yearbook. I don’t know why, exactly. Maybe because the school paper was called the Lincoln Log and all the other good “L” words were taken. When I started thumbing through the yellowing pages, it struck me that Losers might have been a more apt name than Landmark. Almost everybody looks like a loser in his or her high-school yearbook, even the beautiful people.”

–Moe Prager, from Redemption Street


In celebration of the release on May 18 of The Hollow Girl, the ninth and final Moe Prager novel, we are revisiting some of the words of wisdom and wit from ex-NYPD cop, wine merchant, and sometime private investigator, Moe Prager. Today’s quote is from Redemption Street, the second book in the series.






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Today’s image is courtesy of Mr. Coleman.