It’s 5 Days Until THE HOLLOW GIRL,
the Final Moe Prager Novel!


Boss Tweed Political Cartoon by Thomas Nast

Boss Tweed Political Cartoon by Thomas Nast


The Hound’s Tooth was a cop bar near the Fulton Fish Market in lower Manhattan. Its walls were coated in a sticky resin of dust and old cooking grease. Mounted on the  sticky walls were pictures of every crooked New York politician since Boss Tweed. Needless to say, there wasn’t much free wall space. You didn’t see young cops in the Hound’s Tooth. It was the kind of place you tended to gravitate to after several years on the job. They checked you for gray hair and crankiness at the door.

–Moe Prager, from The James Deans


In celebration of the release on May 18 of The Hollow Girl, the ninth and final Moe Prager novel, we are revisiting some of the words of wisdom and wit from ex-NYPD cop, wine merchant, and sometime private investigator, Moe Prager. Today’s quote is from The James Deans, the first book in the series.






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