It’s 8 Days Until THE HOLLOW GIRL,
the Final Moe Prager Novel!


Bar, New York City

Bar, New York City


Pooty’s was a corner bar on Hudson Street. It had floor tiles like a tenement bathroom and grout as black as my mechanic’s fingernails. Cracked and splitting, neither the wooden booths nor once majestic bar had seen a dust rag or coat of lacquer since the Rosenbergs took one in the face for their team. Pooty’s was the kind of place where people were encouraged to gouge their initials into the tables with keys. Old poets went there to die. It wasn’t typically the kind of place a cop would know about, but I knew Pooty’s.

–Moe Prager, from Walking the Perfect Square


In celebration of the release on May 18 of The Hollow Girl, the ninth and final Moe Prager novel, we are revisiting some of the words of wisdom and wit from ex-NYPD cop, wine merchant, and sometime private investigator, Moe Prager. Today’s quote is from Walking the Perfect Square, the first book in the series.






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