Crimespree Magazine

Crimespree Magazine
Series: Short Fiction, Book 0
Reed Coleman has contributed stories, articles, and even recipes to Crimespree Magazine
About the Book

Issue 2: Par for the Course and Interview with Ralph Pezzullo

Issue 4: All About Me

Issue 8: Not Your Grandma’s MWA

Issue 10: King Fixer

Issue 12: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Issue 14: Gentleman Loser

Issue 17: Pamela Samuels-Young Interview

Issue 23: Back to the Future

Issue 26: Cooking with Crimespree

Issue 32: Bruen And Coleman Interviewed By Gabriel Cohen

Issue 39: Giving Thanks

Issue 41: Too Much of a Good Thing

Issue 48: Guest Editorial

Issue 52: Column

Issue 53: Panels

Issue 54: Column

Issue 55: Column