The 2013 Audie Award nominations are just out, and GUN CHURCH is in the running in the Original Work category. Here’s the list of nominees:


  • Gun Church by Reed Farrel Coleman, Narrated by Joe Barrett, John Keating, Audible Inc.
  • The Junkie Quatrain, by Peter Clines, Narrated by Christian Rummel, Therese Plummer, Audible Inc.
  • Die, Snow White! Die, Damn You!, by Yuri Rasovsky, Narrated by a full cast, Blackstone.
  • Coming Home To Us: A Trilogy of Love, Loss, & Healing, Helen Engelhardt, Marjorie Van Halteren, Narrated by Mary Lou Ciulla, Mary Kay Stratis, Eleanor Bright, Pat Simpson, Wendy Giebler, Midsummer Sound
  • Company.
  • Titanium Rain, Episode One, by Josh Finney, Narrated by a full cast, The AudioComics Company