Where It Hurts is a totally engrossing novel and portends a great new series that I’d certainly follow. Coleman does an excellent job with the character of Gus. He has captured the nature of a man who is in mourning and unable to move on with his life after the tragedy that struck his life until circumstances force him to start thinking and interacting with people again. This is a well written, descriptive novel with a tight plot, and plenty of action and clues to follow. The cast of characters, while long, are easy to keep track of because they are so well defined as individuals. The ending was great, with an eye for future investigations and maybe some healing for Gus.

This is a winner for me and I’m thrilled that it is the start of a new series. Perfect stuck-overnight-at-the-airport book. You won’t even know time has passed – but make sure you have another book with you because you’re going to be racing through this one!

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